NZ police are seeking two men in relation to a Māngere shooting.

Police are seeking teenagers who stole a Karangahape Road Street sign . Photo: Wikimedia Commons

By Jim Birchall

Up to 5 youths have been caught on security camera stealing a street sign on Auckland’s K Road.

The youths were caught in the act by an Uber Driver’s on-board camera.They were seen wrestling with the sign, adorned with the name of the iconic bohemian road in the central city.

The Uber driver, who chose to remain nameless, said the teenagers were ‘Egging on” a male aged around 15, as he climbed the sign pole on the corner of Queen Street and Karangahape, and removed it by continually pulling up and down on the sign until it broke loose.

The driver stated the youngsters, whom he believed to be drunk, ” should be punished’ for the act, and has sent video to the Auckland Police, via Facebook. Replacement of a street sign can cost up to $300, and the perpetrators face theft charges and fines of up to $2000.

Police and Auckland Council have been approached for comment.