Times journalist Jim Birchall is also an avid podcaster. His current show ‘Occam’s Razor’ is broadcast on local Howick station East FM.

The concept of Occam’s Razor is based on the law of parsimony, a theory forwarded by a monk named William of Ockham in the 14th Century which suggests the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

Jim applies this to the world of the paranormal, looking for conclusive evidence of things that go bump in the night, the existence of UFOs, strange mythical beasts (otherwise known as cryptids) and unsolved mysteries.

The ultimate aim is to separate fact from fiction and go a-ways toward making a determination in the listener’s mind.


Past guests have included representatives from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.


Jim is always on the lookout for guests on the show and to hear about any mysterious or ‘haunted’ locations around east Auckland.

Presented in an irreverent format, with a few laughs thrown in, the live show plays from 9pm Mondays on 88.1 & 107.1 FM or streamed through eastfm.nz. Previous episodes can be found at https://anchor.fm/occamsrazor/episodes/Occams-Razor-A-podcast-about-the-paranormal