The success of Midnight Madness this year was unfortunately tainted by elements exhibiting anti-social behavior later in the evening.

Police carPost the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the area on and adjacent to Stockade Hill was inhabited by a number of intoxicated, unruly youths.

Hostilities between rivals overflowed into violence, and the Times were provided with a video that showed a sickening, callous, gang-attack upon a young man. The video begins with a tense situation between two teenagers as part of a group of 15-16 year olds inflamed by provocative barbs from an individual.

A fight erupts involving students (some of whom are believed to be from local school’s Howick College and Pakuranga college) and the victim is knocked to the ground and set upon by up to 10 youths, the majority of whom connecting with kicks to the victim’s head.

The melee is broken up by a middle aged couple, the crowd disperses, and the video ends.

The video was provided to the  Times by a parent of another teenager seriously assaulted, in a separate incident, by a group containing two of the assailants from the first video. The video had been circulating on Instagram in the days subsequent to midnight madness, and it was forwarded to the boy’s father.

He states his son was also knocked to the ground, and subjected to a flurry of punches and kicks. The fight was broken up by bystanders.

The parent, who did not wish to be named, is a former Police officer, and states he was informed by his son that he (his son) approached two Police officers after the assault and was told he was “silly to come back” and to “sit down”. He goes on to allege no medical treatment was offered by the constables.

The victim made his own way to a local accident and emergency clinic to seek attention for his injuries.

The Times understands the boy’s mother has filed a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Authority.

In a statement, Sergeant Brett Meale of Counties Manukau Area Police said “Police were present at the Midnight Madness event in Howick last Friday night to ensure the safety of the community attending.

Throughout the night there were a handful of reports of breaches of the peace and disorder in the area, which Police attended.

Police made five arrests throughout the night for offences relating to drug offending, theft from motor vehicles, assault and street robbery.

These matters will be referred through to the Youth Aid process.”