Local skateboarders are frustrated a ramp was taken away by council contractors last week.

The ramp was used by skateboarders, young and old, but had fallen into disrepair. The area was subject of a complaint by Howick Bowling Club to Auckland Council asking for the area to be cleaned up.

A representative from Howick Bowling Club acknowledged the club had made a complaint to council about skaters “helping themselves to timbers.and a billboard” (waste materials left over after a renovation) and to police, regarding anti-social activity- that included an incident where a metal pipe was thrown through some shrubbery, damaging a canvas roof.

skateramp howick bowling club

A council spokesperson confirmed to <italics> Times “An illegal dumping call-out to the Howick carpark found a 44-gallon drum, a broken skate ramp, broken furniture and other assorted rubbish which was subsequently cleared by contractors.”

The Bowling club spokesperson stated they are aware of an online petition asking council to provide for a new ramp, and mentioned a conversation with a parent of one of the skaters’ who felt kids needed ‘somewhere to go’, and disagreed with the club’s actions.

Another parent Victoria Fenner, who has two children aged 4 and 6, encourages them to scooter and skate as “it’s an awesome way to encourage activity, co-ordination, and great family time.”

She is disappointed “some grumpy neighbours have put the kibosh on it”

The Bowling club spokesperson pointed out that there are existing ramps at Lloyd Elsmore Park and Barry Curtis Park.