An east Auckland volunteer organisation is inviting young professionals from the Pohutukawa Coast to become involved in a unique new venture which helps charities.10×10 is a 100% volunteer-run organisation working to empower a new generation of passionate philanthropists and create a sustainable movement for grassroots giving. 

Their programme is aimed at young professionals who want to be involved in social change.10×10 connects like-minded volunteers at a local community level.

Together they produce crowdfunding events attended by 100 plus people. Each committee identifies three grassroots charities that perform compelling community work and invites them to pitch for funds from the event audience.

Head of Auckland operations is east Aucklander Alaina McGregor.  The PC Times spoke with her and two of the organisations’ committee volunteers – Pakuranga locals Matt Cormack and Renee Raymond.“I’m one of the lucky ones in this world. I have a job, clean clothes, warm food, a roof over my head and a loving support network. 10×10 is a chance to help give all human beings every right that I claim for myself. Collectively, we can make a significant impact for three deserving charities and the people they help in our communities.” – says Renee.

Matt adds: “10×10 is an exciting concept that allows me to give back to the community and assist those affected by Covid-19. Things will be tough for some for a while yet and it’s important to me that I try and help out where I can.” 

Alaina is calling on all socially inclined young professionals on the Pohutakawa Coast to get involved and make a difference in the lives of others. “I launched 10×10 in New Zealand because I want to inspire a social change movement among young professionals who want to engage with philanthropy,” says Alaina.

She adds people are still volunteering their time despite the setbacks of 2020. “Everyone has a different reason for joining 10×10 but everyone is united by a desire to support Kiwi charities doing it tough. While 2020 has been a demanding and uncertain time, every single volunteer has prioritised their time because they know there is need in our community.”

10×10’s second event will be held on 28 October in Auckland and will support three charities working in areas most impacted by Covid-19. The impact of the lockdowns has led to the event being organised virtually and most of the volunteers have only met each other through their screens.

The three charities pitching at the upcoming event include Orange Sky (who ran free showers for people in Beachlands during last summer’s drought), The Aunties and Baskets of Blessing.