Kawakawa Bay residents will have noticed works being undertaken to aid protection from coastal erosion.
Local campaigners have oft-complained to Auckland Council about the need for remedial work in the area. The Council has now actioned works to create a long-term, cost-effective management of natural and physical resources along the Pohutukawa Coast.

Auckland Council Head of Project Specialisation Office Mark Townshend said “the Erosion Control project at Kawakawa Bay is aimed at addressing the Eastern areas of the bay. In keeping with the nature of erosion protection works at Kawakawa Bay, a combination of cobble and sand nourishment works have been developed”. The nourishment process involves dredging material like sand and cobble rock from a source area to ‘feed’ beaches like Kawakawa Bay and Orere Point where erosion is occurring amongst its muddy sands. Wind allows for the resettlement of the material.

Mark Townshend said the sand will be sourced locally by contractors. “Sand will be taken from the Nimons Bridge area, where it has accumulated over time. This has the additional benefit of addressing stream blockages caused by the accumulation. Cobble rock for the project will be sourced from a nearby local quarry. Maintenance of this erosion control will continue to take place over time”. 

The works are expected to take around a month to complete according to Townshend. “The design is complete and resource consent has been granted. We are currently working on appointing a contractor for the works. , depending on tidal movements and weather conditions” he said.